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 Difference from Competition

 Load Balancer Support
Our Beagle will bypass load balancer to check every web server in your infrastructure.

 Unlimited sites and checks!
Our Beagle does not limit you in regards to the page checks, alerts, or websites you would like to monitor.

 Service/Port check
Beagle will check if your email or any other custom services are up by connecting to it via socket.


 Content pattern match
Not only our Beagle checks for web server response codes it also checks for rendered content on the page.

 Custom checkpoint reporting
Each Checkpoint around the globe has a monitoring report. You are able to spot slow connectivity and routing issues.

 Slow Performance Support
Train our Beagle to react to slow site performance by setting up response timeout threshold, every minute checks!


Popular Features

 Visual historical data
You are able to go back in time and view historical Latency and Uptime data in a view of charts.

 Control Panel
Manage you websites, pages, services, uptime status, all from a single Control panel.

 Every minute checks
Our Beagle is tireless and will monitor your uptime every minute!


 DNS Check

 Checkpoint Locations around the globe

 Email and SMS notifications, mobile friendly!